A Volt-E oferece dois carrinhos elétricos

Volt-e offers two electric carts to Braga’s hospital for hospitalized children

Volt-E offers two electric carts

The goal is to minimize the anxiety of hospitalized children

Volt-e, a Braga-based company specialized in electric vehicle chargers, will offer two electric carts – pictured here – to Braga Hospital to be used by the children who are hospitalized there.

“Children will now be able to commute to OR surgeries, or diagnostic exams,” the company explains in a statement.

The initiative, the statement adds, has as its “main objective to minimize the anxiety of hospitalized children, deconstructing the usual fear on the way to a surgery, or exam, into a four-wheeled adventure with many smiles on the journey.

The delivery will take place next Monday, at Braga Hospital, in a ceremony attended by the company’s managers and members of the Braga Hospital Board of Directors, as well as a representative from the Operating Room.

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