If until now, electric vehicle users in Portugal faced the challenge of using RFID cards (CEME) or mobile applications to access public charging points, that option is no longer the only way to use charging stations on public roads.

This situation led to the unnecessary complexity of loyalty cards, which is about to disappear.


The addition of this payment method will not only simplify the charging process for electric vehicle users, but could also revolutionise the way drivers view electric mobility in Portugal. 

The automatic payment terminals (APT) accept payment via Portuguese and foreign bank cards, providing a more convenient charging experience for users.


A partir de agora não será necessário estar vinculado a comercializadores de eletricidade de mobilidade elétrica (CEME) ou possuir cartões ou apps específicas para aceder aos pontos de carregamento.

Volt-E recognises the importance of accessibility in driving the adoption of electric vehicles and, by integrating APT- Automatic payment terminal into its chargers, is removing one of the most significant barriers faced by drivers, making the charging process even more accessible and transparent.


This accessibility can encourage more people to make the electric transition.


The APT- Automatic payment terminal it simplifies life for users, as well as contributing to the creation of a more unified and transparent system for electric mobility.


The ability to pay directly by bank card (Visa, Mastercad or American Express) allows users to carry out transactions quickly and easily.


Users can clearly see the cost of charging at the time of the transaction.


Makes electric vehicle charging more accessible to a wider audience, such as tourists visiting our country.

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