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The era of sustainable packaging

Designed with the environment in mind.


Practical and easy to use.

The air filling machine allows you to inflate film bags in seconds, for the purpose of protecting, separating and wrapping products for transport.
It is a small machine, which can be installed on a conventional table, bookcase or shelf.

Speed up to


*Production capacity

Protection of

20-60 cm

*Film size

BlueAir - A era do embalamento sustentável - Recycling the future
BlueAir - Transporte seguro e sustentável para o e-commerce - Recycling the future

A safe and sustainable transport of your products.


With the exponential increase in e-commerce, the new era of sustainable packaging is being born.

Volt-e has just launched a new machine for producing air cushions in 100% recyclable plastic.
The mission is to make Portuguese companies greener, ecologically responsible and self-sufficient.

The solution

A greater guarantee and care for your products.

Volt-e intends to encourage Portuguese companies to become self-sufficient in the packaging area.
Air cushion filling machines made from 100% recyclable plastic are small, portable and use a small amount of raw material.

BlueAir - a solução autossuficiente na área do embalamento - Recycling the future


Improve times, costs and
packaging quality.

Make the most of the shipping of your products.

The packaging quality of your products is a determining factor for their good condition and functioning, since the means and conditions of transport are controlled by others.

With BLUEAIR you can get an excellent result in a short time (production capacity up to 12m/min) and in a sustainable way for your business and the environment.

The efficiency
in packaging

HDPE é composto de material reciclado, é GREENGUARD Gold Certified

Mustainable material

There are a variety of factors that make HDPE a sustainable material, most notably the following:

HDPE is made from recycled materials.

HPDE contains between 25% and 100% pre-consumer material.

HDPE is sustainable, not only because it’s made from recycled materials, but also because it’s 100% recyclable.

Since HDPE is made from recycled material, it is GREENGUARD Gold Certified (link: https://www.ul.com/resources/ul-greenguard-certification-program), which means it is approved even for use in schools. and health units as this certification requires stricter criteria.

Volt-E - Recycling the Future - There is no Planet B


Environmental Footprint Reduction

100% Recyclable Plastic

Reduced Cost

Fast Packing

BlueAir - Pequena, prática e sustentável - Recycling the future

Small, practical and sustainable

BlueAir - a máquina de enchimento prática e portátil
BlueAir - filmes de enchimento à base de HDPE sustentável
Funcionamento da BlueAir - versatilidade
BlueAir- a máquina que vai revolucionar o embalamento
Small details that make the difference

Air cushions available


BAR1PRO - Almofada de ar - Barra de enchimento


BAR4PRO - Almofada de ar - Tubos de enchimento



ALF4PRO - Bolhas de enchimento para a máquina BlueAir


RE4PRO - BlueAir Corações de Enchimento - Individual


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