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Volt-E – Charging the Future

Shall we build the future together?

“At Volt-E we want to minimize the environmental impact and, at the same time, guarantee better performance and the autonomy of electric vehicles.” Júnior Braga, CEO of Volt-e
Júnior Braga - CEO da VOLT-E

Environmental concerns are increasingly present in our daily lives.

Being ecological is no longer an option to become more and more a civic duty. Each of us must be aware of ecological footprints and their impact on the environmental balance.

Electric mobility is part of this path…towards energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Aware of this new paradigm, there are more and more car brands launching new electric models, but also countless companies acquiring electric fleets, actively participating in this change…

Volt-E is a company based in Braga, which emerged in 2018, in support of our own need to charge electric vehicles. We make a difference for the quality and diversity of products, as well as the service provided from evaluation, installation and assistance.

We have the best solutions for home, business, public network and portable charging. From AC and DC charging from 2 KWs to 120 KWs.

With a qualified team to provide all the support and follow-up, installation, connection (management software or mobi.e) and operation (OPC), our mission is clear: Making electric mobility a reality within everyone’s reach!

IMAGINE comfortably charging your electric car at home while you sleep; at your company, during working hours, or even while enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant.

CUSTOMIZE based on characteristics such as the power and model of your vehicle, whether for home, business, public network (MOBI.E) charging, or even portable charging.

ADAPT the charging solution to your needs.

Logótipo Volt-E Charging the Future

Volt-E – Recycling the Future

“As a company with a strong ecological mission, our ambition is to encourage companies and entrepreneurs to make conscious decisions.” Júnior Braga, CEO of Volt-e.
This is how, from electrical chargers, Volt-e evolved into a new business area, also environmentally friendly.
In the recently acquired innovation laboratory of this company in Braga, the first machines are now starting to be produced.
In a highly digitized market where e-commerce takes a huge part in the business, the company started by realizing how companies could package their products faster, at a lower cost, reducing the environmental footprint. “We believe that this is an area with a future and that’s why we decided to create a company within the group dedicated to the development of solutions and products with an ecological impact that support companies in this important transition.”, refers the CEO.

Logótipo Volt-E Recycling the Future
Produção das máquinas BlueAir
Volt-e - Chão de Fábrica - Volt-E Carregadores Elétricos - Chão de Fábrica - Produção Própria
Parque industrial de produção Volt-E
Processo de produção das máquinas de enchimento BlueAir

Volt-E – Transporting the Future

“In a world in constant evolution, and in response to current needs, we are once again at the forefront.” Says Júnior Braga, CEO
Volt-E has a fleet of electric vehicles for the transport of passengers, thus contributing to the progressive reduction of the ecological footprint of people who are still unable to purchase an electric car. “With electric cars at a price not yet accessible to everyone, we want to show that it is possible to travel more sustainably.” There is also a decrease in the need to buy a vehicle with the fixed costs that they entail. In this way, it is a win-win solution for passengers and the environment.
Be part of our fleet!

Logótipo Volt-E Transporting the Future
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