Add value to your charging stations



VOLT-E Electric Vehicle Chargers can be designed according to the different needs of each customer.


We have different VOLT-E technologies available that add value to the user’s charging experience. Discover the VOLT-E technology that can be associated with the chargers and see which ones make sense for you!

POS (APT) integration

Automatic Payment Terminal integration makes the charger accessible to all electric vehicle users.

V2SYNC Technology

V2 SYNC technology offers simultaneous charging of two vehicles at the same DC station and reduces vehicle waiting times.

Charging Management Software

The charging management software allows you to control and manage the different operations carried out on the chargers.

Station customisation


Do you want to personalise the station with your brand image? We can customise the station’s vinyl to your liking.

You can also choose the charging connectors ( outputs ) you want.

Volt-e’s vision is to adapt the charging solution to the needs of each user, taking into account characteristics such as the power and model of each vehicle, whether in a domestic, business or public network charge, integrating the MOBI.E network , or even on a portable charger.

We also have an innovative solution that allows companies to legally assume the payment of electrical charges carried out in the homes of their employees. For charging on public roads, Volt-e has developed the construction of stainless steel charging stations and has already brought to the market the most diverse charging solutions for companies, fleets and the public network.

See all charging solutions and choose the one that suits you best. Solutions such as faster charging, for places where the residence time is short, such as a shopping center park, or situations where charging can happen more slowly, such as office parks, housing, condominiums, among others.

Reducing the ecological footprint is no longer an option, but increasingly a civic duty, electric mobility is now a reality within everyone’s reach!

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