carregador doméstico Volt-E na autonews

Autonews recently highlighted the home charger and Volt-e’s universe of solutions…

Volt-E Home Charger

It has just launched a home charger for installation in private spaces with Mobi-e network integration and charge balancing, and has already brought to market a variety of low and high power DC charging solutions for companies, fleets, and the public grid.

In fact, it was a fluke that gave birth to Volt-e, but not a fluke that made it stay and take the lead in a demanding market like electric mobility. If the future wants to be electric, why not create the right solutions? It was born in Braga, in 2018, with the dual mission of minimizing the environmental impact and ensuring a better performance and autonomy of electric vehicles.

Today Volt-e assumes itself as a major player in the sector, highlighting the quality and diversity of products, adapted to the characteristics of each vehicle and the needs of its user, currently reaching countries like Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Kuwait, and Dubai, with the will to follow the path and continue.

The idea is to understand the needs of those who buy an electric vehicle, be it for personal or professional use, and to find the right answer, on a continuous path towards innovation.


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