a Estação de Carregamento V2 SYNC

Volt-e has just launched the charging station V2 SYNC in the market

Volt-e has launched the V2 SYNC Charging Station


The V2 SYNC Charging Station, an innovative charge balancing technology and the solution of the moment for companies with electric fleets, which promises to shake up an evolving market. Advantages of this new smart energy sharing:

Learn about the features of the V2 Charging Station:

👉 It automatically distributes the available power efficiently and proportionally, allowing two DC cars to be charged simultaneously at the same station, reducing waiting times for the second car.

👉It allows you to have up to 99 stations connected in a group, achieving an intelligent charging network of more than 10 Megawatts.

👉 It makes it possible to configure different connectors, such as CHAdeMO, CCS, and GB/T, and even two identical connectors, for example two CCS.

👉 It integrates new features and details such as a 15” Display, making the user interface easier.👉



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