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Vehicle charger station V2 Sync in Fleet Magazine

Volt-e launches the V2 SYNC Vehicle Charging Station, a charging solution for companies with electric fleets.

What does the V2 sync vehicle charger station do?

It automatically distributes the available power proportionally, allowing up to two DC charging simultaneously. In addition to balancing between the station itself, V2 SYNC allows you to have up to 90 stations connected in a group, which ensures an intelligent charging network range of more than 10,000 kW.

Estação de carregador Veículos V2 SYNC

Volt-e says that this technology allows for the monetization of time and its maximum customization leverages the energy available at the site where it is installed.

V2 SYNC, already built into Volt-e’s 40 kW, 60 kW, and 120 kW stations, allows you to configure different connectors, such as CHAdeMO, CCS, and GB/T, and up to two equal connectors (two CCS, for example).

Volt-e is a Portuguese company, created in Braga, in 2018, and its mission is to minimize the environmental impact and ensure better performance and autonomy of electric vehicles.

Present in countries such as Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Kuwait and Dubai, Volt-e has already brought to market several low and high-power DC charging solutions for companies, fleets, and public networks.

Estação de carregador Veículos V2 SYNC

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