VOLT-E installs charger powered by solar panels in Kuwait

Article published by Fleet Magazine in August 2022.

VOLT-E arrived in Kuwait.

The Portuguese company installed a fast charging station powered by solar panels at The Scientific Center Kuwait.

The Scientific Center Kuwait is a leading environmental education center in the Persian Gulf region. Júnior Braga, CEO of VOLT-E, begins by saying that this installation of charging equipment powered by solar panels in Kuwait represents a step towards the future.


“We are talking about a center of environmental reference, a true flagship in matters such as energy efficiency and environmental sustainability”, says Júnior Braga, who adds that this will be the first of many projects in the Persian Gulf region, a region that is part of the company’s internationalization plan.

“The increase in the world fleet of electric vehicles must necessarily be accompanied by the wide insertion of renewable energy systems, such as solar energy, with clear environmental benefits for the planet and economic advantages for companies and organizations”, concludes the responsible of VOLT-E.

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