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VOLT-E: a step forward in electric mobility

Article published in Business Portugal Magazine, on November 10, 2022


As a company with a strong ecological mission, VOLT-E has provided solutions for charging electric vehicles. In an interview, Júnior Braga (CEO), tells us about the company’s most recent investment.


Júnior Braga, CEO VOLT-E


Let’s go back to 2018, the year it all began. Why did you decide to create your own company and in a field as different as electric mobility?

The great impetus for creating VOLT-E was the difficulties experienced after converting the fleet of my father’s textile company to 100% electric vehicles. With this adaptation, an important gap arises: loading. It was necessary to create solutions that allowed autonomy in the face of the scarce charging offers, until then little prepared to respond to fully electric fleets.

The fact that they are vehicles with completely different characteristics made me realize the importance of developing products adapted to the characteristics of each vehicle and the needs of its user.

In parallel with VOLT-E, I also launched, at the same time, a TVDE company with 100% electric vehicles.


VOLT-E has been a true example of concern for the environment and, therefore, has a variety of solutions for the automation of electric vehicles. Explain what each of them consists of.

The idea is to understand the needs of those who buy an electric vehicle, whether for personal or professional use, and find the right answer, with faster charging options, for places where the permanence time is short, such as a park of a shopping centre, or situations where charging may take place more slowly, such as office parks, housing, condominiums, among others.

We launched, for example, a domestic charger for installation in homes, with integration to the Mobi-e network, so that the energy consumed in charging electric vehicles can be allocated to companies. We have already brought to the market the most diverse low and high power DC charging solutions for companies, fleets and the public network.

The way forward is to continue accompanying the electric transition with solutions adapted to the new mobility dynamics of companies and consumers.



Can we say that VOLT-E has a highly qualified team at its service, which guarantees the necessary support and monitoring, as well as the installation, connection and operation of the equipment? Is the focus on innovation and new technologies also one of your biggest concerns?

Our values are flexibility, effectiveness and speed, at the forefront of a demanding and competitive market, where news emerges at the pace of thought.

From software and product development, evaluation, maintenance, installation and the commercial area, at Volt-e there is, above all, advice, training and proximity in each of the different stages.

Electric mobility and green energy are revolutionizing the world and the smart, sustainable and environmentally friendly systems that Volt-e has developed are keeping pace with this paradigm shift. We recently installed the first fast charging station, powered by solar panels, at The Scientific Center Kuwait, a leading environmental education center in the Persian Gulf region.


We know that they have recently invested in a production unit for machines to produce 100% recyclable plastic air cushions. Why did you decide to take this step and invest in a new business area?

As a company with a strong ecological mission, our ambition is to encourage companies and entrepreneurs to make conscious decisions. With the exponential increase in e-commerce, Volt-e evolved into a new business area within the group: a machine unit for the production of 100% recyclable plastic air cushions.

Air cushion filling machines, made of 100% recyclable plastic, save resources and encourage reuse, in a market that usually wastes excessive amounts of plastic and paper for packaging. The idea is to market these machines throughout the country, in order to make companies increasingly autonomous and sustainable, producing their own packaging and reusing it whenever possible.


Do you believe that the work that has been developed by VOLT-E in terms of sustainability, could be an example to be followed by companies operating in the national market? Is it in this context that, for example, the partnership with the Associação Empresarial do Minho (AEMinho) arises?

The mobility of companies is changing, but there are still many doubts and myths, namely, the question of the autonomy of a tram. It is important to change the ‘mindset’ and reinvent the concept of ‘supply’, create infrastructures, as well as new solutions and services that make day-to-day life easier and take into account the specific needs of each sector of activity, towards ever-increasing mobility. increasingly eco-sustainable and self-sufficient.

Reducing the ecological footprint is no longer an option, but increasingly a civic duty for all and we want to be with companies on this path.


Where do you see VOLT-E in five years? What projects do you have in mind for the future of the company?

We do not hide our pride in seeing all our studies on electric mobility materialized in a company that today assumes itself as one of the main players in the sector.

Today our solutions are present in countries such as Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Kuwait and Dubai and the journey continues towards the goal of carbon neutrality. We work daily to develop new solutions. The fact that we have a wide range of products on the market and that we operate with fleet operators, companies and end customers, allows us to have a comprehensive view, follow trends and develop intelligent software solutions, in line with what is today’s reality. of industry 4.0 and digitization. This is an area of continuous evolution, stopping means falling behind.

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