E-BOX | an essencial for uses of electrical vehicles - VOLT-E

VOLT-E lanches E-BOX, an essential for uses of electric vehicles

VOLT-E is a company based in Braga and specialized in charging solutions for electric vehicles. With options for domestic, business, public road and heavy-duty chargers, VOLT-E stands out in the market for its dynamic and innovative capacity in terms of electric and sustainable mobility. An example of this is the recent product announced by the brand, a transport box with a Type 2 cable that allows charging up to 22 kW in alternating current. Dubbed E-BOX, this impact-proof and water-resistant solution also features a cone for signaling charging, accidents or breakdowns.

“Who has never forgotten the charging cable at home or at work? The E-BOX fills precisely this gap. A box that we can always have with us, inside our hybrid or 100% electric vehicle, compatible with public charging stations and that can be used in different situations, whether in our day-to-day routine, on work trips or on business trips. leisure”, explains the brand, highlighting its concern with consumer convenience. “The E-BOX measures just 38 cm and includes a 5-meter Type 2 cable that allows it to charge up to 22 kW in alternating current. Autonomy, speed, effectiveness and practicality in a single product. In addition to maintaining the quality and useful life of the cable, the E-BOX provides the portability that the charging of the future advocates. A solution that accompanies the needs of modern life. We are aware of the current charging needs and intend to continue to take important steps in this area”, says the CEO of VOLT-E, Júnior Braga.


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