VOLT-E developed awareness action on electric mobility with Portuguese Police (PSP)

VOLT-E carried out a training and awareness action on electric mobility, involving the Public Security Police (PSP) of Braga. With the presence of elements from the PSP of the Command of Braga and also with online participation that allowed interaction with other commands in the country and with the National Directorate of the PSP, this action had as main objective to demystify some ideas associated with the use of electric vehicles.

Bringing to the conversation the typology of cities of the future where electric mobility is inevitable and still focusing on the theme of energy sources, VOLT-E ensured the sharing of adequate information for decision-making in a possible switch to electric fleets, a growing trend to world-wide with regard to environmental concerns.


“VOLT-E already has extensive experience in the use of electric vehicles, since in addition to selling chargers, we also manage a electric TVDE fleet. Over the last few years we have realized the advantages of these electric fleets and the concerns that we must have in the maintenance of these cars. It is crucial for us, from the point of view of changing mentalities, to contribute to greater information, calling attention to the fact that adaptation to the electric car will be an unequivocal reality in the very near future”, begins by explaining the CEO of VOLT-E, Junior Braga.

In an intervention rich in practical examples, from the most appropriate charging typologies depending on the use of the electric car, battery life and charge utilization dynamics and, also, ways of adapting to an electric fleet taking into account shifts or charging routines, the VOLT-E used the example of the PSP as a starting point for this awareness-raising action.

On the part of the Braga PSP, this moment of conversation made it possible to understand the possibility of betting on electric fleets taking into account the needs and uses – in a logic of integration with the “cities of the future”.

“We know that the electric vehicle will be part of the routines of national entities and, for us, it is very useful to have knowledge about the requirements, concerns and, above all, the possibilities of an electric vehicle. We were able to understand that there are already well-structured charging solutions for the various uses given to a car, which, taking into account our reality of shift rotation, is an important aspect”, said Superintendent Rui Pereira.

This awareness-raising action culminated in the offer of an E-BOX by VOLT-E to the Command of the PSP in Braga, a box with a charging cable that can be used in the electric vehicle that is already part of the current fleet of vehicles of the PSP in Braga.

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