New charging station launched


Meet the new AC22STAT-NG-QVE station


Recently, the VOLT-E company launched its newest electric vehicle charging station, called “AC22STAT-NG-QVE”.

The charging station offers some innovative features, being a station designed to facilitate the electrical installation process, making it simpler and more efficient, since the AC22STAT-NG-QVE already has the hatch and the space for the placement of the energy supplier’s meter at the back of the station.

It has a modern and user-friendly design, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to interact. It features an integrated touch screen where they can select the desired charging options, check the charging status in real time and even make payments conveniently.

In addition, the charging station complies with established industry charging standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles on the market. Ensuring that EV owners can enjoy the benefits of the charging station regardless of the vehicle model or manufacturer.

Its differentiating factor is that it does not require the creation of a cabinet to place the hatch and the energy supplier’s meter upstream, making it possible to install this station on any public road, so that with this solution, it is expected that the infrastructure for electric vehicles will be strengthened, encouraging more people to adopt this form of sustainable mobility. The availability of reliable and efficient charging stations is key to overcome concerns about the autonomy of electric vehicles and to boost their large-scale adoption.

Find out more details about the new AC22STAT-NG-QVE charging station on the product page!

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