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An innovation lab in the area of electric mobility

A reference in the electric charging sector in Portugal and worldwide, Volt-e continues to develop smart software solutions from its innovation lab in Braga. After shaking up the electric market with the recent launch of a new line of latest generation charging stations, Volt-e is preparing to move into a new company area focused on sustainability, with the mission of making Portuguese companies greener and more environmentally responsible…


Latest Generation Charging Stations

The journey continues towards the goal of carbon neutrality, with electrification happening at lightning speed. Following this paradigm and responding to the needs of the main national oil brands, Volt-e has recently launched a new line of latest generation charging stations. A new design, greater robustness, autonomy, and adaptability, as well as reduced charging times and ease of maintenance, are some of the main advantages of these new stations of 40, 60 and 120 KW.



“This is an upgrade to our products with the latest generation technological base that allowed us to develop a high-performance charging system. The fact that we have a wide range of products on the market and that we operate daily with fleet operators, companies, and end customers, allows us to have a comprehensive view of a constantly evolving market, in line with what is now the reality of Industry 4.0 and digitalization. This is an area of continuous evolution, to stop means to stay behind,” reveals Júnior Braga, Volt-e’s CEO. Exports also continue to grow, namely to destinations such as Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Kuwait, and Dubai, with the will to follow the path and continue.

“…from electric chargers, Volt-e has evolved into a new company area, which is also environmentally friendly. The innovation lab of this Braga company is now starting to develop technology aimed at filling plastic production machines for fully recyclable packaging.”


From ‘Charging your future’ to ‘Recycling your future

“We have also started to produce and incorporate environmentally friendly plastic parts in our stations. As a company with a strong ecological mission, our ambition is to encourage companies and entrepreneurs to make conscious decisions,” admits the responsible.

This is how Volt-e evolved from electric chargers to a new company area, which is also environmentally friendly. The innovation laboratory of this Braga company is now starting to develop technology for machines that produce filling plastic for fully recyclable packaging.

Volt E Lab

“We are in a highly digitalized market where e-commerce takes a huge share of company. We looked at the market and tried to understand how companies could package their products faster, at a lower cost, while reducing their environmental footprint. We believe that this is an area with a future, and we are already creating a company within the group dedicated to developing solutions and products with ecological impact that support companies in this important transition,” he concludes. A path that proves that sustainable development and economic development can and should be on the same side.

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