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Volt-e in the national top of charging solutions in condominiums


Volt-e in the national top of DPC charging solutions in condominiums

*State participation can reach 80% under this regime

Volt-e, which has already conquered the national top spot for DPC charging solutions in condominiums, continues to accompany the electric transition with solutions adapted to the new mobility dynamics of consumers.

Therefore, it sees with good eyes the latest news of the State support for the installation of electric vehicle chargers in condominiums, precisely in equipment connected to the Mobi.E network, under the DPC regime, in a co-payment that can reach 1,800 euros (80% of the expenses) per parking space.

The advantages of a Charging Station Holder

What is a CPS after all? It is the holder of a charging point, located in a private space with restricted access, for their own use, or for the use of a limited number of users, which is integrated in the Electric Mobility Network.

According to Dina Araújo, Volt-e’s financial and commercial director, there are many advantages of a Charging Station Holder in a condominium (CPS). “Several condominium owners sharing the same charging station, each one paying the energy consumed to their CEME – Electricity Sellers for Mobility – ensuring that this energy is taken from the condominium consumption, or even charging an electric vehicle at home, with the energy being paid by the company, or employer.,” she explains.

“The development of this DPC solution by Mobi-e is an extremely important milestone for its response and adaptation to the current day-to-day needs of the Portuguese in the area of electric mobility,” adds the responsible.

Charging a company’s electric vehicle in a residential condominium

An example of this versatility and installed under the DPC regime, Volt-e’s DMTC22KW home charger is today’s market leader. A latest generation equipment, with internet connection and the possibility of integration to the public network (MOBI-E), or to a private network, allowing consumption control and automatic payments. Among other features, such as the integration of a display that enables a better interface with the user, this charger also has a charge balancing system, ideal for places where energy is limited, or where there is a high number of vehicles for charging.

The journey continues towards the goal of carbon neutrality, with electrification happening at lightning speed, a reality that Volt-e intends to accompany with intelligent solutions that promise to continue to shake up the electric market.


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