Beach cleaning


To celebrate World Environment Day, we gathered our team and partners for a moment of awareness of the urgency of adopting more ecologically sustainable habits.

This action consisted of a beach cleanup, at Apúlia beach and Esposende beach, in which various waste and worrying amounts of garbage were collected. It was an initiative carried out in collaboration with the Municipality of Esposende, through the intervention of Esposende Ambiente, and which enhanced the VOLT-E philosophy.

Beach cleaning


The need to have an ecological and healthy model that guarantees the future of new generations is imminent. Having a sustainable lifestyle is much more than consuming responsibly, it also consists of being committed to the environment, which is achieved by putting into practice small actions in our daily lives like this.

In addition, we can adopt more assertive choices on this topic, such as those found below in the article.

Tips for a lifestyle with more sustainable habits:

  • Sustainable eating (choose to eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat and fish )
  • Responsible consumption (reduce food and water waste)
  • Sustainable mobility (opt for electric cars, scooters or bicycles )
  • Recycling and less use of plastics (recycle properly and avoid single-use plastics)
  • Sustainable design (opt for clothes that use eco-friendly materials and production)
  • Environmental education (share your experience and demonstrate the importance of sustainability to friends and family)


It is urgent to take care of our planet and minimize our ecological footprint!


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Beach cleaning

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