Volt-E incorporates APTs in charging stations

Volt-E incorporates APTs in charging stations

In order to anticipate the upcoming regulatory changes, Volt-E has moved forward with the integration of the Automatic Payment Terminal (APT) into electric vehicle charging stations.

Volt-E incorporates APTs in charging stations and is at the forefront of this transition, anticipating the regulatory changes underway and positioning itself as a leader in offering innovative solutions for urban mobility. This measure, which aims to facilitate and speed up the charging process, marks a crucial step forward in the development of sustainable mobility infrastructure in the country.


A new revolution in charging solutions on public roads


Until now, electric vehicle users in Portugal faced the challenge of using CEME (RFID) cards or mobile apps to access public charging points. This situation created unnecessary complexity, with the need for loyalty cards.

However, a new scenario is emerging with the implementation of the European Union’s Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR). This regulation establishes the obligation for public electric vehicle charging stations installed after 13 April 2024 to integrate payment card readers, including the option to pay by bank card. This measure, which must be completed by 1 January 2027, will not only simplify the charging process for electric vehicle users, but could also revolutionise the way drivers approach electric mobility.

With the ability to pay directly by bank card (Visa, Mastercad or American Express), users can carry out transactions quickly and easily, making charging stations in Portugal accessible to everyone, including foreigners.


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